What is Hen and Chic Vintage

What is Hen and Chic Vintage and who are Bryan and Alexandra

The idea of Hen and Chic vintage started in February of 2010, when Bryan invited Alexandra and a bunch of friends over for drinks one cold, snowy evening.  While Alexandra was drinking her 7 and 7, she looked around and wondered why there was a bar in the living room and mirrored beer signs on the wall.  Had she entered a bar and forgot to pay a cover? No, she was in her new boyfriend’s abode.  What did she expect, he was after all, a bachelor with a bachelor sense of style, albeit bad style.  If this relationship was going to progress, Alexandra needed to start nudging, gently, of course.

So, it began in May 2010, Memorial Day weekend.  While everyone was enjoying fun in the sun, Bryan and Alexandra were trudging through their first project, revitalizing an old 1970s china cabinet.  After much work and sweat, the end project was beautiful and it got them thinking, “hey we can do this more often, it’s fun”.  The seed was planted, and now it has started to blossom.

So, lets’ get into the nitty gritty, who are we:

Bryan is a computer savvy man who enjoys many facets of technology. He received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and quickly learned how to program applications and support all kinds of computer solutions. Bryan has been working with computers since before he could read. He aims to provide easier ways to share information and supply simple solutions for everyone.  Before Bryan and Alexandra met, Bryan ran a business called consultsteimel.com in which this business has morphed into Hen and Chic Vintage.  Bryan brings to the table his technological, business and engineering skills to Hen and Chic Vintage.

Alexandra has been a devoted vintage fanatic since walking through antique malls and flea markets with her mother at a young age.  These stories of Alexandra as a child inspired the name Hen and Chic Vintage.  Alexandra received her Bachelor’s in Interior Architectural Design and went on to gain a Master’s of Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s Institute in London, England.  Since then, Alexandra has been working at auction and appraisal businesses in the area. This has helped her to appraise items, gain invaluable knowledge of the market, and a deep understanding of vintage items.  Alexandra brings to the table a wealth of knowledge about design, market trends and real world appraisal skills.

As a team, we aim to provide you with affordable furniture and decorative items to bring your living spaces to the next level.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we are all about. Take a minute to peruse our projects and if you have any requests please feel free to ask.
Bryan and Alexandra

Hen and Chic Vintage