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The idea of Hen and Chic vintage started in February of 2010, when Bryan invited Alexandra and friends over for drinks.  While Alexandra was drinking her 7 and 7, she looked around and wondered why there was a bar in the living room and mirrored beer signs on the wall.  Had she entered a bar and forgot to pay a cover? No, she was in her new boyfriend’s abode.  What did she expect, he was after all, a bachelor with a bachelor sense of style, albeit bad style.  If this relationship was going to progress, Alexandra needed to start nudging, gently, of course.

The seed was planted, and now it has started to blossom

So, it began in May 2010, Memorial Day weekend.  While everyone was enjoying fun in the sun, Bryan and Alexandra were trudging through their first project.  This first project was revitalizing an old 1970s china cabinet.  After much work and sweat, the end project was beautiful.  This got them thinking, “hey we can do this more often, it’s fun”.  The seed was planted, and now it has started to blossom.

Hen and Chic Vintage offers vintage and upcycled homewares along with homemade organic lip balms, body butters and soaps. We pride ourselves in providing a worry free way to treat yourself to something special.

Alexandra has been a devoted vintage fanatic since walking through flea markets with her mother at a young age. This is where Hen and Chic Vintage get it’s name.  Alexandra has worked in the Antiques Business all of her life and continues to follow her passion by searching and finding unique vintage and antiques items for your home.

Antiques Appraiser to Avid Soap Maker

Not only does Alexandra’s skills involve the business of antiques, but over the past few years she has become an avid soapmaker. Soap making was always a hobby that interested Alexandra.  She started producing soaps for friends and family but now brings to Hen and Chic Vintage homemade soaps and beauty products.  This hobby now has become a part of the business.

Silver Plate



We are always an open book about our recipes, ingredients and sources.  Ask us anything, anytime!


All of our products come in sustainable packaging that not only looks great, is great for the environment too.  All of our packaging can be reused or recycled.

100% what is needed, 0% what is not

All of our products come out completely natural in color and texture.  We don’t use any artificial dyes, imulsivers, or harmful preservatives.


We continually add new products to our store.  Check back or join our mailing to be the first to know.  We add new soaps, lip balms, and balms throughout the seasons.  Our Etsy store contains new antiques and vintage items on a monthly basis.

Local, Organic, Sustainable Practices.

When we look for a new ingrediant we always follow the same pattern.

We look toward our home personal gardens, then towards local responsible producers, then we find organic producers, if we can’t find an organic product we always buy any product from responsible growers who don’t harm the environment or people.


If we wouldn’t use the products we produce, we wouldn’t sell them.  All of our products are personally inspected to make sure they are to our high quality and standards.

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Body Butter

Handmade Body Butter


I made this whipped body butter as an answer to my winter dry skin. WOW!! after I used it I could not get enough and thought I would share it with family and friends. Needless to say they all wanted more and suggested I started selling it.
A little goes a long way for sure, use a pea size amount and rub it in until it’s absorbed into your skin. We use as many organic premium products in our balms as we can. We use pure essential oils to provide great flavors and beneficial properties to sooth your chapped or dry skin.
This product can separate as time goes on, simply stir the ingredients together to rejoin them. I recommend using the butter within 3 months of purchase for optimum results.

Lip BalmLip Balm

Lib Balm

Rated 4.67 out of 5

Silky smooth on the lips and very lux.
All lip balms are natural and made with essentials oils with no dyes or colorants. We use as many organic premium products in our balms as we can. We use pure essential oils to provide great flavors and beneficial properties to sooth your chapped or dry skin

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